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I am Cyril Morales. I used to be flabby and I wanted so much to be lean. I tried a lot of ways to loose weight. I workout and diet. It works indeed but there is still something wrong. Though I already achieved my normal weight proportional to my height and age, my belly is still bloated and my face is still out of shape because it is still fatty.

So I made a research on my own as to why I still have fatty face and bloated belly even if I am already a the range of my normal weight. I found out that the reason for that is I have high amount of carbohydrates intake and low protein. Therefore, I need to increase my protein intake and lessen the carbs. Lowering carbs intake would mean taking away though not all, my rice intake. A day without rice is something I can’t live with.

That’s why I made a research comparing the types of rice, white vs brown so that I would know which one I can take without getting flabby. So, in this site you will find all pieces of information I gathered from different sources about white rice vs brown rice and which is better for your health and for weight loss and muscle building. That includes the pros and cons and the difference between two rices.  So enjoy my site…