Brown Rice Calories vs White Rice

Healthier choice can be found with the brown rice if you compare it with the white rice. The amount of fiber may be higher on the occasion. In addition, you can find some amount of magnesium, zinc, selenium and folate also. Through a milling process, transformation from brown rice to white rice is seen. Germ and bran can be eliminated from the rice as result. Even white rice in the United States of America is quite enriched. Therefore, lots of vitamins like riboflavin, niacin and thiamin can be found from the white rice also. Therefore, it is natural to find some similarities as well as some differences. If you want to know healthy features of brown and white rice then you must give importance to the brown rice calories Vs white rice.


brownrice calories - Brown Rice Calories vs White Rice

Information about nutritional values and calories

From a white rice cup, you may able to get 242 calories in addition to carbohydrate of about 53.2 grams, protein of about 4.4 grams. The fat content can be limited to 0.4 gram at the time. In case of brown rice, lesser amount of calories can be encountered which can be about 218. Protein content of brown rice can be 4.5 grams and carbohydrate content can be 45.8 grams while fat content is only 1.6 gram. By looking at the numbers above, you may able to know about brown rice calories Vs white rice to some extent.


Through white rice, you may able to consume fiber about 0.6 grams. If you look at the brown rice then fiber content can be seen about 3.5 grams. Increase in the number of fiber in brown rice is observed especially due to presence of bran and germs. Fiber is really good for your health. In case of an adult till the age of 50 years, requirement of fiber can be about 38 grams with the male. For female, it may be reduced to 25 grams. Issues of constipation can be managed in the process. Control over glycemic can be maintained which is really important for diabetic patients. Measurement of brown rice calories Vs white rice is essential.


Brown rice calories Vs white rice can be done on the basis of magnesium also. If you are consuming a cup filled with the white rice then magnesium content may be about 24mg. In the same amount of brown rice, you may get about 86mg of magnesium. It is a kind of mineral that helps to maintain the bone density. Energy is generally obtained from the consumed food. Daily requirement of magnesium for adult male can be about 420mg where a woman can stay happy and satisfied with 320mg. It can be seen especially with the men and women in an excess of 30 years. Reduction by 20 mg to 10 mg can be noticed with the men and women respectively from a 19 year old to a 30 year old.


Importance must be given on the brown rice calories Vs white rice always. Lot of thiamin, niacin and riboflavin can be found with the white rice. If white rice is compared with brown rice then everything same can be seen. Only difference may be found in the form of folate. In case of brown rice contained in a cup, folate amount is only about 8 microgram where white rice comes 108 micrograms

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