Brown Rice vs White Rice Nutrition Comparison

It is quite natural to hear the fact from several places that brown rice is healthier instead of white rice. However, you may wonder whether there is any difference between both types of rice. Starches can be obtained from both forms of rice and it compliments dishes such as sushi, soups, side dishes, burritos, casserole and stir fry easily. Therefore, it can be said that the difference between brown rice and white rice is very minor. So, what is the healthier choice? Brown rice Vs white rice nutrition comparison may able to offer you a solution on the occasion.

In the beginning, rice is found in brown form. Through a process of crushing at the mill, germ, husk and bran can be extracted from the rice. Due to this method, shelf life of white rice can be increased. However, different types of nutrition can be lost on the way in addition to vitamins, fibers and minerals. By using brown rice Vs white rice nutrition comparison chart, complete idea about the issue can be obtained.

nutrition chart of rice - Brown Rice vs White Rice Nutrition Comparison

However, white rice also comes with some amount of nutrients too. Polishing of the grain is noticed to make it more palatable. Issues with the digestion may not be noticed on the occasion at all. Visit this link,, for more information

From both white and brown rice, tons of carbohydrate can be found. Still, brown rice contains more nutrition as it is a whole grain. More nutrition can be ensured with brown rice always than white rice. The amount of bad cholesterol may be reduced on the way too. Decrease can be seen with the risk of heart diseases, diabetes type 2 and cholesterol.

Calorie Content

If you look at the brown rice Vs white rice nutrition comparison then calorie content can be known easily. Slightly high calories can be noticed with white rice in comparison to brown rice.  According to experts, 218 calories can be obtained through brown rice one cup. In case of, same amount of white rice, calorie content may go up to 242. Therefore, it is always to have brown rice when you are trying to eat lesser calories. Benefits of weight loss can be noticed on the occasion too.

Fiber and Carbohydrate

By looking at the brown rice Vs white rice nutrition comparison, you may able to know that the amount of carbohydrate acquired from both the rice is pretty high. However, total amount of carbohydrate may be lesser than white rice in brown rice. Instead, quantity of fiber is relatively higher.

Brown rice comes with carbohydrate content of 46 grams alongside fiber content of 4 grams. In case of white rice, carbohydrate may go up to 56 grams with mere one gram fiber. Satiety is generally ensured through the amount of fiber. Management of weight can be done in a healthy manner too. Improvement can be noticed with the level of blood cholesterol also.

Fat and Protein

Fat content in brown rice is very low and it can be seen quite easily through the brown rice Vs white rice nutrition comparison. Brown rice also provides protein about 4.5 gram. However, lot of different may not be seen with the white rice on the occasion.

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