Brown Rice Vs White Rice Weight Loss: Facts and Differences

loose weight with rice - Brown Rice Vs White Rice Weight Loss: Facts and Differences

During weight loss, people always cut down the amount rice intake first. It may be removed from the diet completely also. You may question yourself on the occasion whether rice increases the amount of fat or not. Reply to the question can be obtained only if you can tell us what kind of rice you have been consuming. It can be either brown rice or white rice. In order to get a conclusion on the occasion, you must go through brown rice Vs white rice weight loss facts.

Nutritional functionality of white rice and brown rice may be different. You may not able to believe the fact that rice can help in the weight loss. It is especially true in case of brown rice. If you look at the brown rice Vs white rice weight loss details then confusion can be cleared from your mind. Lots of other health benefits can be found with the brown rice too. To know more about weight loss and brown rice, you must look at the basic things below.

White Rice

white rice in plate 300x201 - Brown Rice Vs White Rice Weight Loss: Facts and Differences

Brown rice Vs white rice weight loss comparison can be made by scribing down some facts about them. If a white is filled within a cup and consumed then the amount of calorie obtained can be 242 calories. In case the rice is steamed or boiled then fat content can be lessened to almost 0.5 grams. It is possible to get about 4.3 grams of protein in the mean time also. However, these proteins may not be wholesome in nature as it can be seen with the animal meat.  Lack in the amount of amino acid can be noticed. 53 grams of carbohydrate are on offer which may be only 18% of the daily intake. Fiber content is really low with about 1 gram.  In addition, some amount of folate, thiamin and selenium can be inserted within the body also.

Due to sodium free nature of the white rice, it may be possible to control the level of blood sugar in better way.  Brown rice Vs white rice weight loss difference can be encountered due to glycemic index of higher nature. Breaking down of sugar may be possible in much simple way. Therefore, an increase in the amount of blood sugar may be detected. For diabetic, it is better to avoid white rice. Read this article for more information.

Brown rice

brown rice in bowl 300x200 - Brown Rice Vs White Rice Weight Loss: Facts and Differences

Calorie content of brown rice may be only 218 calories. The protein and fat content may be same on the occasion. However, the amount of protein may not be enough to fulfill the requirement of body. Dietary fiber amount can be approximately 4 gram which enhances the metabolic process. By maintaining the bowel movement, benefits regarding weight loss may be offered. It is certainly one of the reasons behind the choice of brown rice for the purpose of weight loss. Brown rice Vs White rice weight loss facts must be examined minutely always to eliminate doubts from the way.

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