What Is So Great About White Rice

Many pieces of research are carried out to determine the suitability of white rice vs brown rice as a diet component. Most of these researches are skewed towards brown rice, but this does not leave the white rice out completely. It, in fact, has some great supportive points that make it not only a great dietary component but also a preference for many.

great white rice - What Is So Great About White Rice

Some of the great features about white rice

It is highly digestible

The brand element of the rice grain is hard to digest and since it is absent in white rice; this makes white rice a highly digestible food that can provide energy almost instantly. The concept is especially important to those people who engage in high-intensity training activities, athletes and weightlifters who rely on ketones to fuel their body.

It has low Phytates

Phytates are anti-nutrients elements that inhibit full absorption of nutrients. Thus, white rice vs brown rice as far as nutrient absorption is concerned white rice has a higher score compared to brown rice. This is not forgetting that brown rice has higher component levels of nutrients compared to white rice. White basmati rice is in fact on top of the list of rice with lowest phytic acid.

White rice is sodium free

This is a great meal if you are working on regulating your blood pressure. High consumption of sodium can have several nutritional problems including high blood pressure and other heart-related complications. However moderate consumption of the mineral is also important for muscular contraction and transmission of nerve signals. So, if sodium is your determinant factor of what to consume between white rice vs brown rice, then white rice is the choice for you.

Most of the nutrients lost during processing are added back

This is one of the facts that majority of the brown rice advocates do not want the white rice enthusiasts to know. In fact, most of the white rice in the market, especially in the USA, must meet the FDA requirements to enrich it with nutrients before it is released to the final consumer. Thus, unless there are other factors driving you to eat brown rice, white rice is fully approved by the foods and drug administration board as a good diet component.

Zero or very low cholesterol composition

Everybody is aware that the fight against cholesterol is real since it is one of the leading causes of arterial and heart-related complications. The bran, germ and the endosperm all have a level of fat that if consumed in large quantities can lead to high accumulation of cholesterol in our bodies. White rice vs brown rice on this aspect is that brown rice has high levels of cholesterol since all the components mentioned above of the rice grain are still intact.


From the above discussion, it is evident that white rice is a great foodstuff and there should be no guilt or regret for consuming or after consuming white rice. Furthermore, the rice is not consumed in isolation or after a fasting process, but rather it is part of a meal. White rice is also tastier than brown rice, and majorities of the people prefer white rice. However, if you have any ambiguity on the subject, it is always wise to consult a nutritionist or dietician for professional advice. But as far as white rice vs brown rice is concerned; white rice still dominates on a variety of aspects.

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