If Brown Rice Is Healthier Than White Rice, Then Why Chinese And Other Asians Countries Prefer To Consume White Rice?

If you are like us who follow rice consumption and preferences keenly, then you might be wondering what’s next for rice. This is more relevant in respect to the supremacy of white rice vs brown rice.

Will we stop taking it altogether?

That would be overreacting; will we stick to our beliefs or follow scientific research and studies? That is quite a contentious question to answer right now. Why? Because they all seem to move in vicious cycles, after all, body systems are complex; maybe the studies are still ongoing.

Most of the people believe, and a superficial analysis will also logically indicate that brown rice is healthier than white rice. But wait for a moment, if brown rice is healthier than white rice, then why do Chinese and other Asian regions prefer to consume white rice over the former? Maybe paleo diets were more accurately designed by nature from the ancient times.

asian eating - If Brown Rice Is Healthier Than White Rice, Then Why Chinese And Other Asians Countries Prefer To Consume White Rice?

Various Studies

Not only that, but various studies have also contravened the white rice vs brown rice norm that skews towards brown rice. They have built a ground around the concept that white rice is, in fact, better than brown rice. Majorities of these studies have given concrete reasons, and we are going to go through just a few for a kickstart. By the end of it, you should be able to explain the reason why the Chinese and Asian countries prefer white rice.
According to Ayurveda line of the health system which is the oldest Indian health care system, they advise on sticking to white rice rather than brown rice. We don’t put any weight on the name, but we can mention that the Ayurveda term was coined from Sanskrit word meaning science of life. Others have labeled it the grandma’s medicine.

We wholly concur that our ancestors had a better choice of food than we do today. This single point can help us give some insights on white rice vs brown rice in as far as the preference of either is concerned. Maybe the Chinese had a good reason to sticking with brown rice. Recent studies have attributed high phytic levels to brown rice.
Another research carried out at Bayreuth University indicated that brown rice might be more toxic than white rice. All grain’s outer cover is used as a depository feature. The grains aim to leave only the best for a new life that will thrive from them by stocking the food in the endosperm. Who doesn’t like a better future for his/her generation anyway?

Unfortunately or out of a need to sustain human life, most of the grains are consumed by humans. But they consume everything including the grains bin. What follows? Those who consume brown rice ends up taking up a lot of toxins like arsenic acid, copper, mercury, and a stream of others depending on how toxic the environment was where the rice was grown.

Based on this, you should not wonder anymore why majority of the Asian countries have a clear choice between white rice vs brown rice. They prefer white rice due to the high levels of antinutrients and toxins in brown rice.
Our final scientific research is derived from the food and drugs board recommendations. They impose a regulation on all millers to add back all the nutrients lost during processing before releasing the rice to the market. Now the point is, if the bran that acts as a grains toxin bin has been removed and then the rice restored to its prior state as far as nutritional level is concerned, what would be a better choice then? White rice definitely wins.

Other reason why Asians prefer white rice even if brown rice is proven to be healthier , it is because it taste better than the latter. More information here – http://www.whitericevsbrownrice.com/white-rice-vs-brown-rice-which-tastes-better/

White rice vs brown rice:

Nutrition wise, brown rice is healthier than white rice. However, a thorough analysis of the two types of rice can recommend the white rice. In any case, neither of them can be said to be extremely deficient or concentrated with any compound. These new propositions, in fact, leave us wondering whether if brown rice is healthier than white rice, then why Chinese and other Asians countries prefer to consume white rice.

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