If you are a diabetic, which is good for you? White rice or brown rice?

Diabetic condition results from the inability of the body to control the blood sugar. This is mostly the work of the pancreases but sometimes it fails due to a number of reasons. If a human body cannot control the sugar levels in the blood naturally, then controlled consumption of some foods has to be employed.

What exactly is diabetes, what is the difference between type 1 & 2?

what is diabetis - If you are a diabetic, which is good for you? White rice or brown rice?

There are two types of diabetes, and a medical examination is required to know what type of diabetes a person has, these are type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes results from the immune system attacking the insulin-producing cells in the pancreases and eventually killing them. Type 1 diabetic patients rely wholly on insulin injections.

On the other hand, type 2 diabetes results from the body becoming resistant to insulin and thus no amount of insulin produced is ever enough. Due to the excess strain put on the insulin-producing cells of the pancreases, they also eventually become unfunctional.

There is no clear explanation why a person immune system would start attacking its own insulin-producing cells to lead to type1 diabetes.  Thus we shall be covering mainly type 2 diabetes which is versatile. We shall also see among the rice types which is better between white rice vs brown rice for the persons with diabetes.

What is the relationship between rice and diabetes?

rice for diabetis - If you are a diabetic, which is good for you? White rice or brown rice?

To get off started properly, we shall first mention something brief about white rice vs brown rice. White rice is the brown rice that has been stripped off some essential mineral elements; among the most prominent are magnesium and fibers. These two plays a great role in regulating the blood sugars. As such consuming brown rice helps the body regulate blood sugar while consuming white rice puts the body under pressure from excess blood sugar.

Eating more than 4 servings of white rice in a week increases the chances of developing diabetes by 10%. Replacing white rice with brown rice reverses the equation and even reduces the risk of developing diabetes by 16%. Though white rice vs brown rice differentiation contributes to the development of diabetes, the difference can only be quantified to about 26%. Thus even with brown rice, there is an 84% exposure. As such the best solution is to cook rice with other foods that suppress this percentage further down.

Points to note for the diabetics

You need to put the level of blood sugar under control. This can easily be achieved by:

  • Consuming a lot of veggies with the brown rice rather than a lot of rice with few vegetables.
  • Some grains like beans are also good to serve with brown rice.
  • The question on how much to consume between white rice vs brown rice should never arise.
  • The question should be on how much brown rice to consume? Stick to just two cups or at most four servings of rice per week.
  • Steaming your rice is better than frying.

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 The way forward for the diabetic

As we have mentioned previously, white rice vs brown rice as far as diabetes is concerned have a great contribution. Stick to brown rice and consider shifting if you are on white rice. Brown rice contains magnesium and high fiber contents and these are essential for proper blood sugar control. Always consume your rice with a lot of veggies.

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