White Rice vs Brown Rice: Which is good for the Heart?

The heart is the engine for the body. As such maximum care should be taken to ensure that the engine is running excellently. Proper diet is one of the major elements of a healthy heart. In our case, we shall be considering white rice vs brown rice as far as heart health is concerned.

For a small brief, a natural rice grain has three layers, the germ, the bran, and the white layer. White rice lacks the endosperm and the bran. The bran is high in fibers while the germ is rich in proteins. Fiber is good for strengthening the muscles while proteins are good for building the muscles. That far we can say that brown rice is better for the heart compared to the white rice.

for teh heart - White Rice vs Brown Rice:  Which is good for the Heart?

What exactly makes brown rice good for the heart?

Some minerals make brown rice better for the heart. These include:

  • Magnesium: This is an essential mineral element that helps to relax the muscles of the heart and those of the blood vessels. This allows excellent heartbeat as well as a smooth flow of blood in the vessels without pressure due to constricted pass-ways. Brown rice supplies 20% of this nutrient, and this makes it easier to supplement the remaining 80% from the other dietary food components consumed in the day.
  • Vit B6: Brown rice supplies 20% of the daily requirement of Vit B6. It has 10 times Vit B6 compared to white rice. As such white rice vs brown rice in as far as VitB6 is concerned is just incomparable. This is the nutrient that helps to remove the excess homocysteine in the blood. A high concentration of homocysteine in the blood is associated with high rate of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Manganese: A cup of brown rice supplies almost 80% of the daily requirement for this nutrient. Manganese regulates the functionality of the nerves and regulates metabolism as well as blood sugar. When all these are at optimum level, the heart usually operates under minimum pressure.
  • Phosphorus: All the energy storage and production activities in the body require phosphorus. This on its own makes phosphorus an indispensable element. In addition, it regulates the blood calcium which is a great content for the proper functioning of the heart. Phosphorus also reduces the acidity in the blood and this enables the heart to maintain a normal heart rate.
  • Iron: Although all rice contains iron, there is a significant difference in the amount of iron in white rice vs brown rice. Brown rice scores higher in this too. Iron is part of the hemoglobin and this is important for the proper transportation of oxygen to the body muscles not excluding the heart tissues. It also helps in the development of the tissues and a healthy heart is one whose tissues are properly reinforced.

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Other health benefits of brown rice:

Other indirect health benefits of brown rice create optimum conditions for the heart to function efficiently. These may include:

  • The high fiber content helps to maintain good health in the cardiovascular system as well as promote a healthy bowel movement
  • The high fiber keeps a person fuller, and this has a positive effect on weight loss efforts. A balanced body weight does not put pressure on the heart
  • Another distinguishing feature of white rice vs brown rice is the effect each has on cholesterol. Brown rice lowers the level of bad cholesterol (LDL).
  • Brown rice contains high phytoestrogen which helps to fight cancer cells.
  • Helps in maintaining an optimum level of blood sugar

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In an overall score, brown rice is healthier than the white rice. It also has a higher concentration of almost all minerals and nutrients found in rice. For example, brown rice contains 10X vitB6 compared to white rice. As such white rice vs brown rice as far as heart health is concerned follows the same hypothesis; brown rice is good for the heart. If for any reason you are unable to eat brown rice try consulting with a nutritionist to know the best foods that can supplement the benefits of brown rice.

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