White Rice Vs Brown Rice: Which One Is Good For The Kids?

A growing up kid requires more nutrients per body mass than a grown-up person. This is the main reason you see deficiency diseases developing mostly in children. The brown rice being the healthier option among the two choices we have, it would be good for the kids since it also has high fiber content.

Fibers act as a washing detergent to clean the digestive system. The cleanup also improves the metabolism process. So, as far as the issue of white rice vs brown rice in respect to the suitability for the kid; we shall go with brown rice.

However, for the small babies who are less than  one year, brown rice has to be ground and prepared as porridge or else bought from the stores as processed baby cereals.  This processing is not done because brown rice contains anything harmful for the baby in the unprocessed form, but rather it is done only to improve digestibility. As such based on the question about white rice vs brown rice and which one is good for the kids? We can add that the form also matters, whether it is ground or not.

rice for kids - White Rice Vs Brown Rice: Which One Is Good For The Kids?

However, a baby can survive on breast milk only until he/she is 6 months old. This is because, below that age, the child uses the tongue muscles to press anything in the mouth and thus pushing most of the foods out. In short feeding, a small child with solid food would be more hectic than breastfeeding, and this option should only be adopted if there is no other option available.

Another reason why you should be concerned about which rice is good for the kids between white rice vs brown rice is in respect to the bowel movement. Since the digestive system for the kids is in the development process, it might not be as efficient as a mature person’s system, and thus the fibers in the rice help to push the waste matters out of the body faster before they become toxic.

A better version of the brown rice for the kids is the sprouted one. This means the brown rice has been let to germinate; this improves the nutritional level for the rice and also reduces toxicity in the grain. Brown rice is also allergen free. It is hardly allergic to babies.

Points to remember if you are considering brown rice for the babies:

  • Do not store cooked rice in high temperature as this will lead to the formation of toxins
  • Cool freshly cooked rice to prolong its storage period
  • Do not reheat cooked rice more than once.
  • Reheat cooked rice until it is piping hot.
  • Soaking the rice overnight before cooking will remove some of the toxins in rice.

Arsenic toxicity in kids is a common undesirable impact of brown rice, but this does not change our opinion on white rice vs brown rice and the choice to go with the brown one.

However, just like anything else, there are pros and cons of any choice. The best way to move forward is learning how to reduce the cons and maximize the pros; removing as much arsenic in brown rice makes it a good food for the kids. So far, there is no more confusion on white rice vs brown rice as far as baby dieting is concerned. We have precisely stated that brown rice is better than white. Stick to steaming methods when cooking rice for the kids.

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