White Rice Vs Brown Rice: Which One Is High In Fiber?

brown and white rice fiber - White Rice Vs Brown Rice: Which One Is High In Fiber?Before we address the question on which type of rice has high fiber content between white rice vs brown rice, it is important to distinguish what makes one brown and the other white. White rice literally comes from brown rice. Thus, brown rice can be referred to as original while white rice as a modification. However, we cannot dispute either based on the originality or modernity.

Fiber is hard to digest component of food material. In some instances, it is 100% indigestible. This does not render it useless in our body system. In fact, the role fiber plays in our bodies is more important than it might appear from the surface. Brown rice contains a mix of the two fibers although it is high in insoluble fibers.

The fiber in rice is highly attributed to the presence of bran in brown rice. As such the type of rice between white rice vs brown rice with the bran directly translates to the one with high fiber content. This is definitely brown rice since the processing process that yields white rice removes the bran and the germ.

What is the role of fiber in our bodies?

As we have stated previously, there are two types of fibers: the digestible and the indigestible fibers. These can be approached from the perspective of white rice vs brown rice.

The digestible fibers mean they can mix with the water and become easily absorbed in the body to add on the nutritional value of the rice. On the other hand, indigestible fibers are those that cannot be digested, but they too play a very important role in the digestive process.

Before we proceed, let’s point out that human body contains more micro-organisms like bacteria than human cells. Majority of the bacteria reside in the gut, and some are extremely important in the digestion, not mentioning there are still harmful bacteria in the body. These bacteria are alive and require food; fiber offers food to the bacteria residing in the gut that helps in the digestive process.

Apart from aiding in digestion, what other roles do fibers play in the body?

  • It makes bowel movement easier: Fiber adds bulk to stool, and this makes it easier to pass it out. On the same note, if the stool is watery, fibers help to solidify it since it absorbs water. Healthy movement of the bowel helps in preventing the occurrence of colon diseases such as hemorrhoids. Thus, it is advisable to choose the type of rice between white rice vs brown rice with the high fiber content if you want to improve bowel movement.
  • It lowers cholesterol levels: The fibers help to reduce the low-density lipoproteins, and this reduces the risks of developing cardiovascular diseases like high blood pressure.
  • Controlling blood sugars: There are those soluble fibers that prolong the digestion process and thus regulating the rate at which blood sugar or glucose is released into the body. This is more important to persons with type 2 diabetes.
  • Weight loss: Fibers are the hard to digest carbohydrates or sometimes the indigestible matter of food content. Due to this, it will stay longer in the digestive system. This makes you feel fuller for longer, and thus the probability of eating often is reduced.

Which rice should I consume?

Since we have addressed the question on fiber in respect to white rice vs brown rice, we are going to look at which rice to consume then. You might assume that based on all the benefits of fibers, brown rice is the undisputed option. The best answer on the type of rice to consume is that it depends.

For example, people with digestive problems or who are unable to handle fibers in foods will definitely eat white rice. On the other hand, those people who are diabetic have brown rice as their healthy option. As such, analyze your individual health conditions and decide on whether to consume white or brown rice. In case you are confused on the option to pick, consult your doctor or professional nutritionist. Visit the homepage for more updates

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