White Rice Vs Brown Rice: Which One Is High In Protein?

Rice is 80% starch and thus, irrespective of whether it is brown or white rice don’t expect to get all the proteins you want from rice. However, irrespective of that, it is better to consume the rice with the high amount of protein. Our study focuses mainly on white rice vs brown rice. White rice is the type of rice that has undergone processing to remove the germ as well as the bran.

Brown rice contains 7.8g of proteins in 100 grams of rice. On the same measure, white rice contains 2.8g. From the figures, we can conclude that brown rice is rich in bodybuilding nutrients and as such is also a better option for the people who want to build muscles. However, due to its high fiber content, it’s not the best type of rice to eat immediately after a workout. This is because it takes longer to release energy into the bloodstream.

For a recap, a grain irrespective of whether it is we are talking about white rice vs brown rice contains three major parts: the bran, germ, and the endosperm. In most of the times, the endosperm is what supplies food if the seed germinates and the germ is what really germinates. Thus, the germ is removed to prolong the life of the rice. The removal of the germ leaves with a substantial amount of protein, and this is the primary reason why brown rice is higher in proteins compared to the white rice.

protein barley - White Rice Vs Brown Rice: Which One Is High In Protein?

The proteins in brown rice are those classified as incomplete proteins since they do not have all the 9 essential amino acids required by the body. Remember that all the tissues and cells in the body require proteins for growth, as such consumption of proteins is necessarily not an option. There are some options to add proteins in rice irrespective of the type; it might be white rice vs brown rice or any other type. To add the protein content you can take it with a stew made from animal meat or add some other protein-rich vegan foods if you are a vegetarian.

In fact, brown rice is used to make rice protein powder after undergoing a series of processing operations. The protein powder is a protein supplement for vegans and vegetarian. However, as we had mentioned previously, the protein in rice is not complete. In the same state, the powder is not complete either. , the brown rice must be mixed with a legume like peanuts or beans to make a complete protein powder.

How to add protein content in white rice:

Despite knowing that white rice vs brown rice have substantial differences in terms of protein, some people fail to shift due to a variety of reasons. Some argue that brown rice tastes nutty while others say that it takes a lot of time to cook. Irrespective of the reason they might have, the main point is that they continue taking the white rice. To help them get more proteins they can do the following:

  • Take the white rice with animal proteins
  • Dress the rice meal with soy sauce and other soy products
  • Use animal fats in cooking
  • Reduce the cooking time for the rice as much as possible

Proteins are essential in our body, and as such, they should be consumed daily. Every tissue and cell in the body is made up of protein. Without enough proteins, even body hormones will not be produced efficiently. It is always advisable to consume brown rice unless in unavoidable circumstances. However, with proper additives in either, white rice vs brown rice has no extreme differentiation in nutrition that can arouse alarm.

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