White Rice vs Brown Rice: Which one is Low Carb?

brown and white - White Rice vs Brown Rice: Which one is Low Carb?

Rice is a rich source of carbohydrates but undoubtedly, brown and white rice contains varying degree of carbohydrates concentration. Our main concern is to identify the one that contains low carbs and know when to consume it.

White rice vs brown rice as far as nutritional values and absorbability are concerned all have conflicting preferability. Thus the choice of which one to consume can be determined by a variety of factors. For example, if you need low carbs rice, you might have to read further to know which would be the best option for you.

Which is the low carbs rice?

There are many different types of rice like brown, black, white, and red rice. In our case, we shall narrow down our comparison to only two types, the white rice vs brown rice. Brown rice is low in carbs in both its cooked form and raw form.

What determines the level of carbs in rice?

Despite unanimously agreeing that brown rice has lower carbs than white rice, other factors determine the level of carbs in rice. For example, the type of rice or the method used to prepare it.

Long grain raw white rice contains 80g of carbs in 100grams. On the other hand, brown rice under the same conditions contains 75g in 100grmas. These differences in total carbs between brown and white rice might not be significant on a small scale, but after consumption for a long time, those small differences are the ones that create a big impact.

Steamed long grain white rice contains approximately 35g of carbs in 100grams of rice. Brown rice under the same conditions contains approximately 23g in 100 grams of rice. This translates to about 50g of total carbs per one cup of brown rice as opposed to 60g in white rice. Read more at whitericevsbrownrice.com

Why do some people hate the low carbs rice?

Majority of the people do not like brown rice, and this is greatly attributed to a number of elements like:

  • The perception that it is not good although it also has a nutty taste
  • The cooking method might also contribute to the taste of rice.
  • The type of rice, whether long grain, basmati, jasmine, or short grain.
  • Firm texture compared to white rice

How to make brown rice enjoyable:

brown rice in caldron - White Rice vs Brown Rice: Which one is Low Carb?

The taste of white rice vs brown rice contributes to the whole difference on how each of the rice is consumed. Many people like white rice because it has a sugary taste due to high processing and additives. However, on that choice, they lose a lot of fibers and other essential nutrients in brown rice. As such the better thing to do is learn the strategies to make brown rice more enjoyable. Some of these strategies include:

  • Use the frying method to prepare the rice
  • Add some spices to the rice to kill the nutty flavor; this can be through the use of miso that adds umami
  • Go natural and add some low calories herbs on the rice. The quantity of herbs to put on white rice vs brown rice will definitely vary even when only brown rice is considered.
  • Cook the rice properly and add a good amount of salt. Brown requires longer cooking time as well as much water as compared to white rice.

Irrespective of all the praises in respect to brown rice, everything requires moderation. Observe that rice forms only a third of your dish and dress it with vegetables or other food items rich in proteins. The major disadvantage of white rice vs brown rice that makes it inferior is the lack of fibers and other essential elements. Despite that manufacturers tries to compensate the lost minerals by top dressing the white rice, a majority are washed away during rice cleaning. Thus, the better option is brown rice.

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