White Rice Vs Brown Rice: Which Tastes Better?

As we all know “there are better cooks than the others.” What do they do differently? They are able to bring out the best taste in a food. “What if the natural taste of the food product is not naturally good?” They will try to add a lot of other things to make the food sweet. This is exactly what happens when it comes to cooking rice.
There are those who prefer brown rice and those that prefer white rice. The main difference is brought about by their natural taste. You may ask then which among white rice vs brown rice tastes better?” Remember brown rice has a lot of fibers and has the bran intact. These two things contribute to giving the brown rice a nutty taste which is not delicious or pleasant to many people. Despite this fact, there are a lot of people who prefer brown rice to white rice.
On the contrary, because white rice contains much of the stored sugar, it tastes better and sweeter. But does it mean that those who prefer brown rice have to eat their rice with folded faces? Definitely not, after answering the question on which tastes better between white rice vs brown rice, we can briefly look at how to make brown rice taste good.

which tastes better - White Rice Vs Brown Rice: Which Tastes Better?

These other things that make the brown rice to taste better may include:

Toasting the grain:

This involves putting the rice on a pan and heating it while stirring for as long as you desire but definitely not long enough to roast the grains. The longer you toast the grains, the better the taste and the sweeter it will be. This is a cheaper way to enhance the taste in brown rice, but you can still add some oil to make the grains taste delicious.

Serving rice with broth:

Broth adds taste and delicacy in brown rice. You can decide to go with any ratio of water to broth but the more balanced it is; the better it will be for the body. You don’t want to add too much starch or calories to the body. Click to learn which rice is high in calories?

Adding seasoning:

No other dish in the world can be cooked with as many spices as rice. They are almost countless in the supermarket shelves. Do your due diligence and decide which one works best for you in terms of bringing out the best taste you need in your brown rice.

Frying the rice:

Majorities of the people boil rice with just plain water and salt. What? That is the traditional way of cooking rice. However, the major drawback with this method is that it produces a bad tasting dish. The concept of bringing out the better tastes in white rice vs brown rice might not be very significant if we put the cooking method into consideration. Try frying your rice before adding water and taste the difference. With frying, you can get as creative as possible only that you should avoid adding to much oil or fat in the rice.

Does taste of the rice matter?

The taste of rice plays an important role on a person’s decision in selecting between white rice vs brown rice. The cooking method also matters as well as the form in which the rice is taken. Having delicious toppings will improve the taste of rice irrespective of whether it is brown or white. But for the conceit of the question on which tastes better between white rice vs brown rice, the simple answer is white rice tastes better.

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